I am constantly asked about low maintenance gardens either from my clients or prospective clients. As the bureau of meteorology is predicting warm days, warm nights and little to know reliable rainfall. What does this mean for our gardens? Presuming you are conscious about your water usage like I am, the question remains is it possible to grow successfully any form of plant life including your lawns (refer to my previous blogs on growing lawn and minimising water use).

On Thursday I was working in various parts of Newcastle and it was hot probably not unlike most other parts of NSW or Australia, I started in Merewether then Hamilton, Charlestown and Newcastle CBD. The shift in conditions from one suburb to the next was highly noticeable based upon topography and proximity to the sea. All these factors including the size of garden, size of block, size of dwelling on the block, proximity to next door neighbour, colour of dwelling, type of fence, I can go on and on. Microclimates play such an important role in our urban landscape and when it comes to Garden Design, Florian Gardens can help you to better understand your particular aspect.

Garden Design is more than just picking and putting plants into the ground. Florian Garden Design with over 15 years experience can show you how to grow gardens with all types of varying plant life in any conditions. Garden Design is a term used very loosely. It takes years of formalised training but there is no substitute for field experience. There is a plant for every occasion, plants solve all our problems in the landscape.  Newcastle loves their gardens and Florian Gardens loves Newcastle.

My number 1 tip this week is to feed your soil Newcastle, gardens and lawn. Reduce your watering regime by feeding your soil. Plants thrive on healthy soil, nutrients and micro organisms. This garden I am featuring was designed and planted 4 years ago proudly commissioned as one of my very first trading as Florian Garden Design. I think and feel that most Garden Design briefs feature the key words low maintenance. I love this garden as it truly reflects the brief, it reflects the amount of time that Florian Gardens has spent in maintenance hours annually. Florian Garden Designs careful and meticulous plant selection will guarantee your successful outcomes in the garden.




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