Low Maintenance Gardens not No Maintenance Gardens

I am constantly asked about low maintenance gardens either from my clients or prospective clients. As the bureau of meteorology is predicting warm days, warm nights and little to know reliable rainfall. What does this mean for our gardens? Presuming you are conscious...

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Where is the Water?

Another month goes by and still no significant rainfall. How have your gardens been coping? How are those lawns since my first blog? Watering lawns endlessly may well make them green, which in actual fact is just the appearance of the leaf. How is the soil? How are...

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Lawn Watering

This week on my journeys I have noticed many people out watering their lawns. At this time of year grass is still in its dormancy, with spring only 2 weeks old and temperatures still below 20 degrees thus ensuring soil temperatures have not even come close to awaking...

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