Another month goes by and still no significant rainfall. How have your gardens been coping? How are those lawns since my first blog? Watering lawns endlessly may well make them green, which in actual fact is just the appearance of the leaf. How is the soil? How are the root systems? My back lawn has not been watered since last summer. The soil in my area of Bonnells Bay is quite rich and moist so I am very fortunate.

However I still follow some basic principles which I picked up whilst observing sports turf preparation in my previous employment at Royal Sydney Golf Club and Magenta Shores Golf Club. At this stage of the season with temperatures more consistently above 20 degrees the soil has begun to heat up which should be sparking the plant (grass) out of its winter slumber. If you start with some straight Urea granules and water in thoroughly you will begin to see some encouraging results over the next few weeks. Always follow the packet guidelines as a general rule I like to water the grass first, I try a pick a cool day or do it late in the afternoon. The urea will burn the leaf otherwise and set you back weeks.

What will begin to happen a real thickening of the rhizomes especially as your mowing intervals increase. Don’t cut your grass too short this dries out the leaf which then in turn require more watering. Feeding the plant and nourishing your soil should reduce water usage. Your neighbours will wonder how your lawn is always so lush very shortly. We haven’t even begun to feed the roots yet. If you want an instant effect try and get your hands on some soluble nitrogen.

We all love a nice lush looking lawn and if you follow these starting tips you will be on your way to some great results.

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